Beauty experts say our eyes are the first thing anyone notices about our face – and to give the right impression, your eyes need to be bright, sparkling and attention grabbing. Knowing how to make the most of your eyes with makeup is critical to making a beauty statement. Beauty experts we asked say every shadow you use on your face matters.

We polled professionals on their personal tips for how to have amazingly sexy eyes, We specifically asked them this question – How can I have sexy eyes?
Their answers are surprising and I’ve listed them all below!

#1 – Never Forget the three E’s!!

Eyebrows, Eyelashes and EyelinerEyebrows: Should never be neglected; they completely pull together and frame the face for a polished, sculpted look. Fill in sparse or misshapen brows with a great pencil or marker.

Eyeliner: Opt for a blue hued eye liner (try navy or cobalt) which will make whites of the eyes appear whiter and larger, overall.

Eyelashes: Play up lashes with carbon black mascara or try falsies. Just make sure that you get two sets, one to practice, and one for your night out!

Apply a bone color eyeliner along the wet line to open up the eye and give you an instant – wide awake look. Then, add a hint of shimmer in the inner corner of the eye to make eyes sparkle.

#2 – How to Have Sexy Eyes

When you want to go sexy, go smoky! I love a smoky eye – it looks fantastic on everyone! It’s important to remember that a smoky eye doesn’t have to be black. I like to do a smoky eye in aubergine, navy, dark forest greens and slate grays. This is an ideal look for a big night out or a sexy night in.

Metallic can also be super sexy! I like to experiment with steels and coppers as well as metallic blacks, navys, slates, and purples. To get a smoldering look apply a dark liner along the lash lines and use the metallic shade on the lid and a shimmering highlight around the brow bone. Complete the look with curled lashes and a few coats of black maraca. Definitely rock this look for a night out!

#3 – Eye Makeup Tips – Add A Splash of Color!

  1. Add a Splash of Color – As an older woman, one of our main desires if for others to notice the beauty of our eyes, not our newly formed wrinkles. Adding a small splash of bright color (either an unexpected light purple eyeliner or an emerald green mascara) will draw the eye where we want others to look. And the color, if chosen correctly, will enhance the color of the eyes, as well. Just be sure to keep it to one element. Less is more.
  2. Trade Sparkle For Shimmer – You’ll hear that mature women shouldn’t wear sparkle around the eyes. It draws attention to wrinkles. This is true, but shimmer is a whole different story. Sparkles are larger flakes of gaudy shine often created by fine pieces of glass (its true!), while shimmer has a satiny sheen that looks more sophisticated. Be sure to keep shimmer just under the brow bone where it will help create a visual “lift” to the eyes.